Since 2007, Core Fitness Miami has helped hundreds of people reach their fitness goals. Our Personal Trainers treat each client individually with custom workout programs and nutritional plans. We start with a consultation where your Personal Trainer will ask about your goals, past injuries and eating habits. No one has exactly the same goal and starting point, therefore no one should have the same training program. We have helped clients with all types of goals such as weight loss, strength training and sport specific conditioning; as well as medical challenges and conditions including post physical rehabilitation, post heart attack, pre diabetic and diabetic. Your Personal Trainer will keep you focused and committed with intense fat burning workouts that guarantee results.


Our Personal Trainers are certified through the best Fitness Certification Boards in the country. Our experience, education and ability to creatively adapt to our client's personal needs has set us apart from other Training Facilities. Whether you're a competitive Athlete or have just begun your journey to get fit, we will create an exercise program tailored to your needs. We use sport-specific conditioning, intense full body circuits, strength training and endurance training in our custom workouts. These high intensity workouts can be performed by any person looking to improve their fitness. Our exercise programs are guaranteed to produce the results you need.






Martha V.
My husband and I have been training with Core Fitness Miami for over a year now, twice a week. We both feel so much stronger and healthier. My husband has improved his cholesterol an has gotten rid of all these medications between their workouts and a nutrition plan he follows. We strongly recommend them!!! They also make the workouts fun if you can imagine that possibility!!!

Eddy O.
I have been working out with Core Fitness Miami now for 4 months and I have seen a huge difference in my body. They do a great job at listening to what your goals are and indicating what you need to do to get there, not only at the gym but on your own time as well. Their workouts are fun, intense, and they are extremely flexible with your schedule.

From very detailed body fat measurements to creative exercises....from nutrition guides to encouraging messages on your "off" days these guys are true professionals. Snatch them up while you still can.

Brenda L.
I am 57 years old and I trained with Core Fitness Miami for two years, three times per week, my body changed so much it is amazing.

Diana S.

I was a client of their's for a very long time. They are very energetic and positive. They really care about their clients' progress and work hard to tailor a workout to their needs. Their routines are flexible and ever changing. There is never a dull moment, and they deliver results as promised! They can transform the way you look in an astonishing amount of time. I recommend them highly!

Esteban K.
I have been training for 2 years. I used to weigh more than 240 pounds, thanks to Core Fitness Miami and their training I now weigh 170 pounds. They changed my life.

They are the best possible trainers you can find. Always on time, and always professional.


Jamie F.
I trained with Core Fitness Miami for about 6 months and I got amazing results! I always looked forward to my training days with them because I knew they would always know my strengths and how hard to push me to make sure I was improving each week. They always switched up the workout and made it new and challenging. Being a runner, they focused on my core muscles needed for long distance running and made me a much stronger athlete! My appearance also looked very toned which has been difficult for me to achieve in the past. They rock!

Rani G.
I have worked out with Core Fitness Miami for the past few months now. I am extremely pleased with their training style and my results. They are a very competent trainers who do a superb job. They vary the routines, push me to achieve my goals and push my body to its limits. They are very knowledgeable and have a great attitude. I am certain that my results with them will surpass my expectations as I can already see great results.

Erik B.
I have had numerous personal trainers through various resources and Core Fitness Miami has consistently out shined all my previous trainers. A few important points: 1) they have trained both my wife and me and they are extremely aware of how to motivate and work with both female and male clients, 2) they take great efforts to understand in an on-going basis the goals of their clients, as well as their comfort level, to provide a tailored and adaptive workout, and 3) most importantly, are the results...while a fair amount of motivation must come from the client (which they help with by providing motivation, such as text messages, and goal-based monthly assessments), by consistently working with them and maintaining an open dialogue, in just 8 months, they have helped me become the healthiest and most fit I've ever been.

Maria G.
They have the best personal trainers ever, I've been working out with them for almost a year, I look and I feel great!

They're very responsible and always on time, very persistent to help you reach your goals!

Susan M.
My experience with Core Fitness Miami was really great. I did group training (3 of us total) with them twice a week while I was training for a half-marathon and was very happy with my results. My endurance and strength while running improved significantly. I also saw changes in my body really quickly. What I like about them is that they push you, challenge you, but also motivate you. They want to see you work your hardest and get your best results. Also, they would always switch up the exercises so it never got boring. Even though I no longer use them (I don't live in Miami anymore), I still use the exercises they taught me on my own.



4 Sessions


8 Sessions


12 Sessions


16 Sessions


Take your body and energy levels to new heights with personalized workout programs. You will not only achieve your goals but you will also learn to maintain your new body. Education is essential for long term success.
• Completely Personalized Workouts
• Learn Proper Nutrition For Your Goal and Body Type
• Body fat Measurements and Metabolism Tests



My whole life I've struggled to put on muscle, but with the proper workouts and nutrition I've gained over 25 lbs. of lean muscle and lost 10 lbs. of fat. My results exceeded my expectations.

-- Matt L.

I first started training 3 weeks after my back surgery and could hardly walk. With corrective excercises and flexibility training I'm now in the best shape of my life! I am completely pain free and feeling great!

-- Diogo S.

I was a swimmer in the Brazilian Army but recently gained 20 lbs. I started training with Andy and in just 8 months lost 11% fat! A dress I wore at 18 fits me now! I couldn't imagine after 13 years, it would be possible.

-- Aline S.



4 Sessions


8 Sessions


12 Sessions


16 Sessions


Take your game to a new level with Sport Specific workouts and Olympic Lifts. Our goal is to increase your strength, speed and power to maximize your performance. We analyze your sport and create a training program specific to your needs.

• Sport Specific Workouts

• Build Power

• Increase Agility and Speed


Sam Barrington


Vonn Bell

Matt Hazel



8 Sessions


12 Sessions


Workout with friends and family to give your training session a competitive edge. High intensity boot camp training will burn the fat off, build lean muscle and keep you motivated.

• Full Body Circuits

• Motivation From Your Peers

• Economical



I had been an active soccer player my entire life but recently gained weight. The group training is perfect because it's competitive and keeps me motivated. I have lost 10 lbs. and continue to see results.

-- Carlos B.

When I started I had 22.5% bodyfat. In a few months, I'm down to 13%! I really appreciate their expertise and would recommend them to anyone looking to get into shape, no matter how hard it may seem.

-- Alex R.



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